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Perry Jones, Senior Vice President and Investment Advisor, is an experienced professional with over 25 years of expertise in corporate finance and investment management. Perry Jones brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the project.

Perry Jones has held various notable positions in the finance industry. He currently serves as the Investment Advisor and Senior Vice President for Kearsedge Boston Group, a prestigious private equity firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. In this role, Perry Jones leverages his extensive financial acumen to provide strategic guidance and investment insights to the firm's clients and stakeholders.

Perry Jones's professional journey spans diverse roles across different sectors of the finance industry. He started his career as a Mutual Funds sales representative for renowned financial institutions such as T. Rowe Price and Invesco. As a Tax Accountant at KPMG, Mr. Jones gained invaluable experience in tax planning and compliance. Subsequently, Perry Jones served as a Family Office Manager for a prominent Family Office based in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he oversaw the management of financial affairs and investments for high-net-worth individuals and families.

With a passion for investment management, Perry Jones also worked as a financial planner and a business incorporator. His experience in sales and distribution provided him with a deep understanding of investment products and market dynamics.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Perry Jones is an accomplished author and thought leader in the field of finance and investments. He has written articles on economics and investments, including "20 Sources of Passive Income," which outlines various financial strategies for generating passive or near-passive income. Perry Jones has also authored a book on real estate investing, demonstrating his expertise in diverse areas of investment management.

Furthermore, Perry Jones has a rich history in technology development and innovation. During his college years in the 1980s, he was involved in the development of MathCAD and contributed to early research in AI, machine learning, neural networks, and expert systems. This technical background adds a unique perspective to his leadership role in Kearsedge Boston.

Perry Jones

Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor

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Vice President, Capital Markets

IT Director

Smart Contract/Blockchain Coders

Game Designers/Developers

World Builders

Kearsedge Boston Proposed Growth Plan

1. Foundation: Establish 5 passive income streams. Potential profit: This step can help generate a steady stream of income without requiring too much effort or investment. The potential profit can vary depending on the success of the ecommerce stores.

2. Build: Launch a cryptocoin. Potential profit: By generating user popularity through online games, raffles and income potential, a cryptocoin can realize substantial interest. The potential profit can come from the value appreciation of the coin.

3. Acquisitions: A. Buy or start a neo bank. Potential profit: A neo bank can offer various financial services with low overhead costs. The potential profit can come from the interest earned on loans and other investments. B. Acquisition of other businesses around the world.

4. Capital Generation: Sell a $50 billion medium-term note. Potential profit: Selling a medium-term note can generate significant profits through the interest earned on the investment.

5. Invest: Invest in existing real estate, including commercial and multifamily properties. Potential profit: Investing in real estate can offer significant long-term returns, including rental income and property appreciation.

6. Development: Build real estate projects in trending locations across the globe. Potential profit: Developing real estate projects in desirable locations can lead to significant returns from sales and rental income.

7. Entertainment: A. Launch "Maf: Starfleet Battles," an mmorpg with a play-to-earn format. Potential profit: This game can generate significant revenue from in-game purchases and advertising. A play-to-earn format can also attract more users. B. Launch other online games, apps and VR experiences to take advantage of trends in the online gaming and entertainment space.

8. Transportation 1: Launch PacificJet, a fractional ownership/charter jet service. Potential profit: This service can generate revenue from fractional ownership, charter services, and other aviation-related services.

9. Transportation 2: Launch PerryAir, an all-first-class airline. Potential profit: An all-first-class airline can attract a niche market that is willing to pay a premium for luxurious travel experiences.

10. Manufacturing: A. Build defense-related manufacturers in Israel, Taiwan, and India. Potential profit: Developing defense-related manufacturers can lead to significant government contracts and other lucrative opportunities. B. Build additional manufacturers of all types in Vietnam, Philippines and India to free US consumers from China-based industries.

11. Scaling: Incorporate Bankers International Financial Group and United States International Investment Company as Edge Act corporations. Potential profit: These corporations can offer various financial services, including investment management and international banking.

12. Space: Establish Kearsedge Boston Space to research, explore, and develop space. Potential profit: Developing space-related services and facilities can lead to significant government contracts and other lucrative opportunities. (A space hotel anyone? Mobile space habitat?)

Additional: AI, blockchain development, VR and gaming, online entertainent, creating passive income streams on a mass scale utilizing our crypto coin as a catalyst.

-Merkata Tower - 1000 meter mixed-use tower in Dubai

-Water Tower - s-shaped footprint hotel offshore Dubai featuring waterfalls, ponds and other water displays

-Space hotels

-Lunar colony

-Le’ Mystere’ Mobile Space Habitat – 4,000 residents, 2,500 crew and staff

-Mars research and support facilities

-Moon and asteroid mining

-L5 residential habitat – 3,000 residents initially, grow over time



Financial Planning, Investments, Real Estate, Game Development, Space Research, App Development, Blockchain, Crypto


Kearsedge Boston
1 Washington Mall, Ste 1108 Boston, MA 02108



Vice President, Capital Markets


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