Building a Bigger, Better
Bolder World

I am so happy I found you!

And I am really, really hoping you can help.

A year or 2 ago I asked God to help me solve several problems:

  1. How to build a nationwide free college university system,
  2. How to build a nationwide free health care system,
  3. How to help people find their purpose & meaning in life and build
    a financially independent, dream-driven, dream-attaining life thereby,
  4. How to eliminate student debt within the confines of capitalism,
  5. How to resolve the energy situation & make every home and every
    building (especially in 3rd world countries) 100% energy self-sufficient,
  6. Build schools, hospitals, roads etc in 3rd world countries
  7. Eliminate the federal debt
  8. Rebuild/build national infrastructure
  9. Train adults for new jobs or careers or financial independence,
  10. Resolve the worldwide hunger crisis (partially answered)

It took a full year of praying every day for the answers but God did
finally reveal the answers to each and every one of these. Simple to do,
but not easy. 

I am now putting together my Plan of Execution on how to do all these
things - and more.

I don't believe in Business Plans although I have written my fair share
in my day. I believe business plans fail in their execution; they are more
for a "cute" presentation rather than an actual plan of "getting it done."
At 1 month shy of 60 years old, I am way past cute presentations. I will
accept nothing less from myself than an actual, workable plan of execution
that "gets it done." 

Currently, we are a team of 2, we are focused on the plan of execution,
and striving to get this work (above) done. We are tired of waiting. Are

Our goal is to make the world a bigger, better, bolder place.

We seek to disrupt the present to build a better tomorrow.

God has shown me the method, but now I need the means - spelled capital. 

What I find interesting is how actually small this infusion will be. If I
had it, I would do it, but all the pennies I had carefully saved and invested,
have disappeared into a company that never got off the ground - for its
original mission.

But with a bold new vision of a bigger, better, bolder tomorrow, we have a
renewed sense of destiny, a sense of fulfillment and an attitude of
"Let's go!"

However, in addition to the low amount of capital required, I still need
the team.

We seek a bold team of visionaries who believe in hard work, who believe
that nothing is impossible, who believe in a bigger better, bolder planet
for each and every one of us - including the plants and trees and oceans
and fish and creatures of every kind, great and small.

We stand on the threshold of a dream.

I like to invoke Bobby Kennedy's statement: "Some people see things as
they are, and ask 'Why?', I see things as they could be, and ask 'Why not?'"

I need your help.

God has shown me the method. You are the means.

If you are a visionary who needs a mission and you think this is it,
contact me.

If you are looking for the perfect project to manage, look above, we have
dozens of projects that will need to be executed for each of the main
issues and challenges above.

If you want to contribute, every single dollar will help.

If you seek to grab ahold of the future and wrestle it into the present,
we need you.

You need to have a big vision, big heart, bold imagination & not be
afraid of hard work.

You need to see problems and obstacles as opportunities.

You need to believe in team work when necessary and be able to go it
alone when required.

You must be able to persevere when everything goes to poop.

You must go beyond every limitation you may believe about yourself
or others; you must reach into your heart and pull out the guts,
boldness and determination to keep going when everyone - especially
those whom you most trust and love - are telling you to quit, that
this is ridiculous or that it - or you - will never get anywhere.

If you're like me, you know that something in this world is wrong,
that things need to change or this bold experiment of humanity upon
this Earth will fade - or explode - into oblivion.

I also know that you may feel you don't know what to do or what
can be done or how to do it.

You may feel helpless about making a difference.


We are here - and you found us - now we need you to do something
about it.

You can change the world, you can help to make the world better.

You can help to feed the hungry.

You can help to build bridges of understanding between nations,
peoples and tribes.

You can do what your heart is telling you to do.

I believe in you.

I believe in this shared vision of a bigger, better, bolder world
for us all. I'm sure you do to - or else you would not have found us.

I know you want to help.

You can.

Choose below.

The choice is yours, make the selection you feel works best for you
now, you can always come back and contribute more - or in a different
way, later.

Total Required: $15,000

Donate any amount

$15,000 will Change the World


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