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Kearsedge Boston shareholders enjoy their share of monthly cash flow from a portfolio of solid assets. They are not financially responsible for costs associated with maintenance, management, taxes, insurance or other liabilities.

Kearsedge Boston retains nationally recognized professional management services for the successful operation and management of each asset. Our team of exceptional professionals evaluates the income potential of each asset and helps assure that all income so apportioned is distributed on a monthly basis.

Why Invest?

* Receive a monthly income.

* No responsibility for costs, liabilities or risks.

* Long lived cash flow.

* Potential to create generational wealth.

* No subscription fees.

* Additional cash flow growth potential.

* Reinvest income or any portion thereof.

* Investment protected by surety bond.

* LLC for each asset.

Who May Invest?

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Deal Process

  • Kearsedge Boston locates an asset

  • We then analyze the asset for return including such factors as ROI, leverage, CAP rate, growth potential, location quality.

  • If we decide to move forward, Kearsedge Boston will then create an LLC in which to hold the asset.

  • A PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) is then prepared with details concerning risk and gain, profit and loss potential, management details, long-term strategy, exit strategy, return on investment and monthly distributions.

  • The PPM is distributed to accredited investors.

  • Participants in the PPM provide funding for the earnest money deposit and the down payment on the asset.

  • A partcipant in the PPM becomes a member of the LLC.

  • Monthly distributions are made to each member of the LLC.
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