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Thank you for your interest.

Kearsedge Boston is a privately owned investment trust operated as a Family Office.

Participation is available only to accredited investors.

If you are not an accredited investor please exit back to the home page here.

Accredited investors must receive a Private Placement Memorandum before investing in any offering by Kearsedge Boston.

If you are an accredited investor, please continue.

For information, please email: PerryJones@KearsedgeBoston.com

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Deal Process

  • Kearsedge Boston locates an asset

  • We then analyze the asset for return including such factors as ROI, leverage, CAP rate, growth potential, location quality.

  • If we decide to move forward, Kearsedge Boston will then create an LLC in which to hold the asset.

  • A PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) is then prepared with details concerning risk and gain, profit and loss potential, management details, long-term strategy, exit strategy, return on investment and monthly distributions.

  • The PPM is distributed to accredited investors.

  • Participants in the PPM provide funding for the earnest money deposit and the down payment on the asset.

  • A partcipant in the PPM becomes a member of the LLC.

  • Monthly distributions are made to each member of the LLC.

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