Kearsedge Boston Real Estate Crowdfunding

Posting Policy

$DollarSign posts institutional-quality commercial real estate investments with defined business plans.

Sponsor: Kearsedge Boston is the lead sponsor for each opportunity listed on our platform.

Project/Property Type: Focused on multifamily projects, we also post investment grade commercial real estate offerings from across the United States including storage, mixed use and senior housing. Other asset classes may be posted on a case-by-case basis.

Single Asset Property or Fund: $DollarSign invests primarily in single asset properties but may also include a real estate fund in the future.

Offering Type: With the introduction of the JOBS Act and under the jurisdiction of SEC Regulaton D, Rule 506(c), $DollarSign is a platform for private offerings. Only accredited investors are permitted to participate in our opportunities.

Offering Structure: $DollarSign focuses on just a handful of deal structures;

  • Preferred equity Common or JV equity
  • Mezzanine or 2nd position debt
Property Status: We seek to provide our partners with consistent monthly cash flow from quality properties that also feature a good return on investment. To meet these goals we consider properties that are:

  • Stable with predictable cash flow
  • Repositioning or value-add
Offering documents and Business Plan: All of our oportunties include legal documents available for investors to sign electronically on DocuSign, which may include a Business Plan, Private Placement Memorandum, Term Sheet, Subscription Agreement, Partnership Documents, Pro Forma Statements, Offering Memorandum and other documentation as each opportunity may warrant.

Professional Management: All of our offerings require professional management. $DollarSign requires all property managers to be experienced with the type and size of asset managed and they must be accredited by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).

Property Value Range: Our target property value range is from $2,000,000 to $25,000,000.

Investor Returns: $DollarSign offer returns that will spur investor demand while being commensurate with the Project Risk Profile.

Investor Escrow: All investor funds are held in escrow by a third party until 100% of the funding requested is acquired. If we miss our funding goals, 100% of investor funds are returned to the investor.

Risk: There is an element of risk in all investing. The Risk Profile of each project will be fully disclosed and each investor is encouraged to review this Risk Profile thoroughly. As with all investing, the investor faces the possibility of loss of all funds.

Target Markets: $DollarSign targets primary and secondary target markets across the United States with emerging, growth or stable market profiles.

Investor Reporting: All investors have 24/7 access to their Investor Dashboard where they may review documentation, chart the progress of their portflio, review payment and transaction activity and generate reports.

Support: Please contact Investor Support for any questions regarding your account or any offering we post.