Access to commercial
real estate deals.

Join $DollarSign today to gain access to institutional quality commercial real estate opportunities and invest directly with the nation's best properties. There are no fees to join or invest so unlike REITs, all of your funds are put to work earning returns.

Diversification, like the pros.

You've heard that alternative assets like real estate add diversification to your portfolio, but until recently you've been limited to fix-and-flips and rental properties. Save yourself the hassle and invest like the pros in commercial real estate instead.

We're here to help!

Most investors have had experience with traditional investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds but are new to commercial real estate. Our experienced team selects the best properties across the USA to bring you the best returns with monthly cashflow.

World Class Portfolio

$DollarSign's portfolio of world-class properties provide monthly cashflow. High quality assets are screened from dozens of properties that come before us every week. We select the best properties with the best returns on investment, exceptional IRRs and a share of equity (and depreciation) in every property.

How it works.

$DollarSign provides accredited investors with online access to institutional quality commercial real estate investment opportunities selected from emerging, growing or stable markets nationwide, as enabled by the JOBS Act of 2012. Join $DollarSign today to review offerings, invest online and begin building a diversified portfolio containing commercial real estate. There are no fees to join or to invest ($5,000 minimum investment). FIND OUT MORE

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